Friday, 3 October 2014

Creativity in Clifton

Creativity in Bristol

My needle felting supplies were running low so this morning I visited the little shop called Creativity in Worrall Road, Clifton, Bristol.   An absolute treasure trove for anyone into wool, fabric or paper crafts.  If you are not able to visit in person then they also offer an online service via their Ebay shop.

A flower in the midst of creation - hand felted wool and mawata silk

This was my first trip to this part of Bristol so after stocking up on supplies I wandered up to Durdham Down for a breath of fresh air high on the hill.   The first thing to catch my eye was the very colourful tent of the Moscow State Circus – but it was too early in the day to spot any of the performers.

Just across the road I noticed a charming old building and to my delight found this to be the public toilets.   

But this HAS to be a first because there above the entrance to the Ladies was a blue plaque.  I wonder whether there are any other WCs in the UK so adorned?  

The plaque is to the memory of Victoria Hughes (1897-1978) who was “loo lady” here from 1939 to 1962.  Victoria found that many of her customers were prostitutes who worked on the Downs and over time she became their confidante and adviser.  She would offer them a cup of tea and listen to their tales.  Victoria’s memoir entitled “Ladies Mile” was published the year before her death and is now on my list of “wants” from Amazon.  The blue plaque was unveiled in 2003.

Just along from the public toilets are posters from the “Downs 150 celebration” in 2011.  I particularly liked the Haymaking poster.  This is forecast to be the last day of our beautiful summer and the golden colours reminded me that Autumn is already here.

Walking down to the City Centre I passed a Gorilla from the 2011 Wow! Gorillas Project when 61 gaily decorated fibreglass gorillas were placed around the city.  “Good Day Mr Gorilla – thank you for making me smile”.

Walls of old buildings within the centre have now become blank canvasses for artists.  The most amazing artwork can be seen right here on the street – free for all to admire.

 Bristol the Beautiful