Friday, 28 November 2014

Kiwi Rural Retreats - Castlepoint

Castlepoint Beach is a pleasant one hour’s drive from Masterton – especially interesting if you are a mail boxer spotter such as me!!

The beach seems to go on forever – rather like that at home in Weston-super-Mare although the sky is rarely this blue in Somerset!  The Maori name for the area is Rangiwhakaoma, which translates as 'where the sky runs'. 


Atop the cliff stands a lighthouse built in 1913 and described as “one of the most popular lights for keepers” – although it has to be said that some keepers longed for the solitude of a more remote island posting.  

The main question on this day was when to stop taking photographs of the lighthouse.  So many different angles to be captured so that I can remember it in all it’s beauty back home in England.  


Naturally Castlepoint comes equipped with its own public conveniences and once again these did not disappoint. 

I could not stop laughing when I entered and read this sign:

Surrounding the front of the toilet block is a sturdy fence, on the inside of which can be found a row of benches.   No doubt in the height of summer this place gets very crowded and loos would be much in demand so perhaps the benches are provided as a seating area for patrons to take the weight off their feet whilst queuing up?!

If you should ever be in the area then there is only one place to visit for lunch/dinner/snacks.  The one and only Whakataki Hotel.  (

What a great place – beautiful garden – great food – gorgeous powder room for the ladies. 

What better way to end the day

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