Thursday, 31 July 2014

Down low at Uphill


It was the perfect summer’s day for a walk to Uphill - there are SO many lovely walks in the area that it is difficult to stay away.

On this occasion I walked along the beach from Royal Sands and never fail to find another perspective for photographing the posts in the sands. 

Before leaving home the news was reporting that more people had been trapped in the sinking mud and had to be rescued – why do they not read the signs? The view of Brean Down is sorely tempting but as yet no cycle or walkers path across the River Axe.  If only the ferry were still operating.

The day trippers had not yet arrived at this part of the beach and all was calm and peaceful as I headed on around the salt marshes.   A few small boats were berthed in the estuary and their bells tinkled softly in the breeze - it could have been a million miles from civilisation.

Across the tributary lay the boat yard and the Wharf Side Tea Rooms - a very good place to stop for a pot of tea (and comfort stop).  The staff were friendly and service excellent.

A previous post mentioned the fact that Weston Town Council has refurbished the public conveniences in Uphill.  It had been my intention of ‘paying a visit’ to these but I was met by a notice telling me they were “broken” and would be opened as soon as possible.  

 “So sorry for the inconvenience”!! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Weston-super-Mare - The Old Town Quarry

The Old Town Quarry is a quiet retreat set in the lee of Worlebury Hill – a place to relax and enjoy nature.  Back in the 19th. century stone from the quarry was used to build homes for the town but quarrying stopped in the 1950s.  In 2014 many of the once beautiful homes "up on the hill" have seen better days.

At The Old Town Quarry the Rowan Tea Room serves proper tea (complete with strainer) along with a variety of extremely tempting cakes.   


Local artists display their work whilst a shop sells an enchanting variety of trinkets.  In the winter sit inside and keep warm by the log fire.  In the summer sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and breeze, read about the quarry’s history and discover the carvings in the gardens.

A toilet is provided in a small outhouse to the far end of the complex and this is a real experience – a self composting facility.  However, this is not for the fainthearted so if you are at all delicate and sensitive about these matters then probably best to give it a miss.  For myself it is all part of the wonderful journey of discovery I am making in & around Weston.

The website of the Old Town Quarry has videos showing Sam, a local fox.  Have a look – but better still drop by for a pot of tea & slice of cake.

This roving reporter will return later in the week with meanderings near and far.